All of us, individually and together, will find our lives enriched because we believe in and support the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. The Board of Directors and Staff gratefully acknowledge the very generous support of those individuals listed on the following pages for sustaining the vision and helping the JSO to continue its positive role in our community. Over 50% of our season ticket holders also contribute to the annual fund.

Jackson Symphony Guild

GIFTS OF $10,000 TO $49,999
A.P. Cook III Foundation
Alro Steel
Consumers Energy Foundation
Philip J. Curtis
Curtis, Curtis, and Brelinski P.C.

GIFTS OF $5,000 TO $9,999
County National Bank
Dawn Foods Products, Inc.
Henry Ford Allegiance Health Foundation
Hurst Foundation
Jackson Community Foundation
Jack V. Butterfield Investment Co.
Jim Winter Buick
John George Jr. Student Loan Fund
Sigmund Foundation
Spring Arbor University
True Community Credit Union

GIFTS OF $2,500 TO $4,999
Arts Midwest Inc.
American 1 Credit Union
Anchor Initiative
Comerica Charitable Foundation
Gaynel l. Fausell Charitable Trust
Jackson College
Kelly Fuels
Krupa Boat Mart
Myer and Lois Franklin Charitable Trust
Willis Foundation

GIFTS OF $1,000 TO $2,499
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Classic Turning Inc.
Commonwealth Associates
Consumers Energy
Dwight A. and Lucile Smalley Aldrich
Charitable Foundation
Eaton – Aerospace Group
Eaton Charitable Fund
Huntington Bank
Jackson Literary & Arts
Lavery Family Foundation
Morrison Burke Charitable Gift Fund
The Accountant L.C.
Vista Grande Villa
Walz Family Endowment Fund
Wilkinson Foundation

Craft Agency
Experience Jackson
Prominent Builders & Design, LLC
Tuesday Musicale


Matthew and Michelle Aubin
Philip Curtis
Dr. David and Patricia Eggert
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jones
Estate of Mrs. Hugh B. McVicker
Erin Mazur and Marco Shehab
Mr. Thomas Trosin

Lawrence Bos
Georgia and Travis Fojtasek
Dr. Cathy Glick and Larry Halman
Eric and Patti Poppe
Andrea and Bill Stickney
Marv and Virge Swanson
Peggy Younglove

Robert and Cynthia Davey
Russell Desy
Richard and Michele Duvauchelle
Jim and Joyce Grace
Kathryn Keersmaekers
Gunnar Klarr
Frank Main
Thomas and Susan Rochester
Alice Vanderveen Estate

Dwight and Lucile Aldrich Charitable Trust
Ryan and Kathleen Beekman
Philip Brown and Jan Butterfield-Brown
Lawrence Bullen
Daniel and Amanda Casillo
David and Julie Duesing
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Draper
Byron Crary and Cheryl Enger
Thomas and Nancy Evanson
Ms. Florence Guidinger
Dr. David l. and Natalie M. Halsey
Mabel H. Harris FBO Charity
Shaun and Linda Huang
Edward C. Lake Jr., M.D.
Jon and Donna Lake
Hon. Carlene Walz Lefere
Philip and Karen Moilanen
Cynthia J. O’Rourke
Tregna Oren
Jeanne Shafer
Andy and Julia Walz

Mrs. Karen Askins
Samuel and Rachel Barnes
Del and Stephanie Belcher
Michelle Brewer
Ed and Jeanette Browning
Douglas and Janet Burdick
Cedarwood Farm
Bryan and Shawn Christie
Robert and Barbara Duke
Peg Eaton
Jacqueline Ellerthorpe
G. David Foster and Nancy E. Connell
Stephen and Shelby Foster
Jed and Nancy Fritzemeier
Andrew and Ahna Fugate
Linda and Chuck Furgason
Marilyn and John Guidinger
Carolyn Hammersley
Bruce and Sharon Harshe
Louise Hefka
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Henrie
Frederick and Deborah Marshall
Clyde and Laurel Mauldin
Mr. Wayne Krantz and Mrs. Christine Melling-Krantz
M. Lynn Miller
Fran and John Parker
Don and Sue Peck
Sarah Pesetsky
Patricia Riggs-Berthold
William and Laura Schlecte
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spiesberger
Rev. John and Nancy Toth
Phil and Pat Willis

Paula Alexander
Brian and Jane Adamczyk
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Albertson
Paula and Jonathan Autry
Marjorie Barden
David and Janet Barrett
Mike and Judy Barry
Wilma J. Bass
Tony and Sue Berry
Kay Bills
Joan Block
Kathryn Boyer
Carole l. Briggs
Paul and Karol Buchholz
Mrs. Jack Bunce
Charles and Carol Bunnell
Michael and Laura Carry
James and Karen Chauncey
John and Melissa Cowan
Sandra S. Craft
Sandy and David Craft
Elaine Crosby
Joan and John Cummings
Marlene Cunningham
Charles and Kay Danby
Doug and Karen Davey
David and Karen Desnoyer
James and Kathy Desy
Elayne Eberhart
Joe and Jill Filip
Bill Fuerstenau
Edythe Gilbert
Genette Gillard and Jerry Pfeiffle
Ms. Carolyn Glair
Ann Green
Edward and Helen Greene
John and Susan Hammond
Marilyn and Harry Hans
Anthony and Nicole Hays
Audie Heydenburg
Al and Jo Hooper
Thomas and Joanne Holman
Jacob Jabkiewicz
Cheryl Johnson and Wayne Widmann
Carla and Sean Kennedy
Paul and Diane Kenyon
Patricia J. Kiessling
Margo and Terry Klaasen
Nancy Kyro
Charles and Jackie Livesay
Bill and Carole Loll
Christine Lund-Prokos
Lusebrink Family
Jeffrey and Jennifer Mackie
Mr. and Mrs. William MacMillan
Barry Malek
Stephen and Mary Malewitz
Mr. Donald W. Mansfield
Dr. and Mrs. Phil Mason
Mark Mathias
Mrs. William McConkey
John and Catherine McLaughlin
David and Gretchen Mikelonis
Richard and Christina Mills
Jessica Moilanen
Richard and Abby Mortensen
Kristen Murphy
Ron and Sue Niedzielski
Steven and Ann Noble
James Park and Cynthia Weaver
Travis and Armida Pearse
Brian and Sheila Petty
Earl and Candice Poleski
George and Donna Potter
Robert and Lucinda Pratt
Warren and Jean Renando
Donald and Sandra Richards
Roy and Betty Rider
Donna Riley
Judy and Russ Roelofs
Lisa and Kurt Rudolph
Jim and Jan Seitz
Richard Sherman
Ms. Nancy Smith and Mr. Robert Gaecke, Jr.
Elizabeth and Scott Solsburg

David and Tracy Spring
Tom and Traci Spring
Virginia Spring
Paulette J. Stenzel
Kevin and Sherril Studley
Mrs. Patricia Sweet
Steve and Kathy Syrjamaki
Don Tassie
Nicole and Brad Timm
David and Laura Trombley
Mona and Ted Townsend
J. Edward Tuttle
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy VanSchoick
Lynn and Patrice Vermeulen
Anne Visser
Dr. John and Beth Voulgaris
John and Wendy Waldron
Fred and Bev Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Ric Walton
Mary Walz and Neil Johnston
Patrick and Suzanne Walz
Susan Walz and Jeff Goldberg
Philip and Margaret Webb
John and Zoe Wilcox
Dr. Doug and Lisa Wilcoxson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark l. Zande
Jeffery Zook

Stephanie Hegedus
Brian Ketner
Dr. Ji Hyun Kim
Pat Riggs-Berthhold
Dr. Mark and Vickie McFerran
Stephen Osmond
Nancy Toth
Steven Trosin
Mary Walz and Neil Johnston
Patrick and Suzanne Walz
Susan Walz and Jeffrey Goldberg

Del and Nancy Belcher

Baltus Fritzemeier
Brian D. Bell
Alfred Bruey
Lawence Bullen
“Mickey” Kathleen Casillo
Jim Climer
Irene Davidson
Bonnie Dubois
Helen Duesing
Joanne Gaffney
Carol Kobert
Robert Kobs
Mary McVicker
Mary Spring
Joanna Steinman
Patrice Vermeulen
Gene V. Wandel


The endowment is the financial underpinning of The Jackson Symphony Orchestra Association. Sound Vision has provided facilities and programming for future generations. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the investment expertise of our Trustees, the endowment now exceeds $2 million, remarkable for a regional orchestra. Increasing the endowment is a top priority for securing the future of the JSO. Gifts to the endowment can be made outright during a donor’s lifetime or through a retirement plan, insurance policy, estate or trust. If you have any questions about this list or about endowment giving, please contact us.

GIFTS OF $1,000,000+
Faith Small
Weatherwax Foundation

GIFTS OF $500,000 TO $999,999
Comerica Bank

GIFTS OF $100,000 TO $499,999
Dorothy M. Blakely Foundation
Benjamin and Mildred Carr (Concertmaster Chair)
Bea and A.P. Cook III (Endowed Principal second violin chair)
The Dawn Foods Foundation and the People of Dawn Foods Products
Dr. David and Patricia Eggert (Endowed Principal Cello Chair)
Herrick Foundation
Jackson Community Foundation
Estate of Mary Elizabeth Johncox
Frank Main
Mrs. Andrew K. Payne
Phil and Pat Willis

GIFTS OF $25,000 TO $99,999
American 1 Federal Credit Union
Lawrence and Valerie Bullen
City Bank and Trust Co.
Consumers Energy Foundation
Philip J. Curtis
Eaton Corporation
The Evanson/Sanders Families
Gaynel l. Fausell Charitable Trust
Dr. Cathy Glick and Mr. Larry Halman
The Grace Family – Jim, Joyce, Jamie, and Lori (Endowed Associate Concertmaster Chair)
Hancock Foundation
Mabel Harris Trust
Art and Sallie Henrie
Henry Ford Allegiance Health
The Hurst Foundation
Mary Ingram
Carol and John Isles
City of Jackson/MCACA
Jackson Community College
Jackson Symphony Guild
Robert and Laurie Lazebnik
In Memory of Donald and Viola Main (Endowed Principal Oboe Chair)
William and Kae Marcoux
Honorable Charles and Pat Nelson
Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists, P.C.
John and Frances Parker
Endowed Principal Viola Chair
Anne Platt Moore Fund
Dorothy Schultz
Robert and Mary Smith (Bond & Company, PLC)
The Trosin Family
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Winter

GIFTS OF $10,000 TO $24,999
Adco Products Inc.
William O. Allen
Alro Steel Foundation/Louis Glick Trust
Jan and Doug Burdick
Samuel Higby Camp Foundation
Classic Turning, Inc.
County National Bank
Mrs. Robert Crary, Jr.
Pat and Marlene Cunningham
Philip C. Curtis Charitable Trust for the Encouragement of Arts
Robert and Cynthia Davey
Carl and Linda English
Flagstar Bank
Lloyd and Judith Ganton
John George, Jr. Student Loan Fund
Laurence S. Haynes Estate
Industrial Steel Treating
Jackson Citizen Patriot
City of Jackson, DDA
Jacobson Stores
James A. and Faith Knight Foundation
Dr. John and Terry McLaughlin
Melling Family
Orville D. and Ruth A. Merillat
Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc.
Philip and Karen Moilanen
Stephen and Melissa Osmond
Tony Pinson, M.D., Pinson Urology Center
Dr. Cynthia A. Rider
Thomas and Susan Rochester
Joanne and Mark Rosenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. William Sigmund
Allen E. Spiess, Jr.
Spring Arbor University
Dr. and Mrs. Allan l. Tompkins
Barbara Trudgen
Bonnie J. and Lynn C. VanWagnen
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Anne Vendola

GIFTS OF $5,000 TO $10,000
Tony Mira, Anesthesia Business Consultants
Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting
Bisbee Travel – Clark Bisbee
Lawrence D. Sr. and Dolores Bos
The Estate of Mary l. Boyers
The Estate of Elizabeth Burnett
James C. Butterfield Investments
Mr. William P. Cooke
Sandy and David Craft Family
John and Ann Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Danby
Frederick and Deborah Davies

GIFTS OF $5,000 TO $10,000 
Mrs. Betty Desbiens
David and Julie Duesing
Karen F. Dunigan
Ella Sharp Museum
Ron Ellison
Robert and Harriette Emmet
Georgia and Travis Fojtasek
Myer and Lois Franklin Charitable Trust
Mrs. David J. Fuchs
Linda and Chuck Furgason
General Products Corporation
Great Lakes Bancorp
Edward and Helen Greene
Ron and Sharon Griffith
Bob and Jane Grover
Louise Hefka
Ron and Marvel Jones
Patty Kaufman
Timothy and Shari Keener
Rob and Leeann Kendall
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kobs
Nancy M. Kyro
Jon and Donna Lake
Mr. and Mrs. John Leland
Jan and Bob Luton
Wid and Marcia MacCready
Markowski & Company CPAs
Erin Mazur and Marco Shehab
Mrs. Hugh B. McVicker
Dr. R. Charles and Christina Medlar
David and Gretchen Mikelonis
Cherie and Bob Moore
Dr. and Mrs. David Munro
Gil and Cindy Jones O’Rourke
Drs. Dan and Adriana Phelan and Family
Earl and Candy Poleski
Republic Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rider
Mrs. Patricia Riggs-Berthold
Dr. Philip and Joane Riley, Jr.
Richard Z. and Edie W. Rosenfeld
Mrs. Earl Spiesberger
Mary and Jim Spring
Mrs. T. Harrison Stanton
Paulette Stenzel
Edward Surovell Realtors
Peter and Amanda Vincich
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Walker
Lee and Helen Zimmerman