Planned Giving


Gifts to the Foundation are a meaningful and generous way to show devotion and trust in what the JSO means to our community in perpetuity. 

If you have any questions about Planned Giving, or you have already arranged to make a gift to our Foundation, contact Development Director, Belle Coty at (517) 998-1002 or


The Jackson Symphony Orchestra Association Foundation, Inc. is the financial underpinning of the JSO. Gifts to the Foundation are a meaningful and generous way to show devotion and trust in what the JSO means to our community in perpetuity.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the investment expertise of our trustees, our Foundation now exceeds 6 million, remarkable for a regional orchestra.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving includes a variety of deferred charitable gifts that benefit the JSO for generations. Contributions to the Foundation can be made during a donor’s lifetime through bequests, charitable gift annuities, life insurance, real estate, and more fall under this category.

Are You Making a Planned Gift?

We want to recognize you! Let us say thank you through special recognition of your gifts, and exclusive benefits during our season. Download and return the form below so that we are aware of your generosity.

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To say that Faith Small led an extraordinary life would be an understatement. From helping run her daughter’s Girl Scout troop to running a manufacturing company, Faith lived life to the fullest. Faith was married to Edwin Small. Together they raised their daughter Hope. Ed passed away in 1984, leaving Faith with his manufacturing plant. Instead of selling it, Faith ran it. Years later she would acquire Jonesville Tool & Machine, Inc. which was in bankruptcy, but she was determined to invest and keep it running. Faith did just that. Her goal in investing was never to acquire personal wealth, but to preserve jobs that would benefit the community.

Generosity is truly Faith’s legacy. She volunteered her time, invested in the community, and anonymously made charitable gifts to various causes. In 2001 the Faith F. Small Foundation was established.

Faith passed away June 26, 2016 at the age of 94. Her legacy of generosity lived on after her passing. Among the beneficiaries of her generosity was the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. Through her posthumous contributions, the JSO has been able to do many things that would not otherwise have been possible, including completing a major renovation of Weatherwax Hall, endowing the Music Director position and bolstering its endowment.


Ron and Marvel Jones were in bands and played musical instruments at a young age. The couple met while attending college at Michigan State University and raised three children together – Carrie, Chris, and Connie. Ron and Marvel began their relationship with the JSO through Ron’s brother, Steven Jones. Steven was the Director of the Jackson Chorale in the 1970s and would collaborate with the JSO for Christmas concerts. The two still enjoy celebrating the holidays by attending the Jackson Symphony Guild Holiday Ball each winter. After living in Jackson for more than five decades, their family business, Dawn Food Products, Inc. has grown from a local business to an international corporation. Both the Jones family and Dawn Foods have been major supporters, donors, and sponsors of the JSO. Ron and Marvel have generously given 2 million dollars to the JSO Foundation so that students of all ages will have access to music education at an affordable price for many years to come.