JSO Musician Spotlight: David Peshlakai

JSO Musician Spotlight: David Peshlakai

Who is David Peshlakai

David is the JSO’s co-principle chair for Cello. He began with the JSO in the mid 1980’s and became the co-principle chair in the late 1980’s. He also plays with the Lansing Symphony Orchestra and the Battle Creek Symphony. In 5th grade David started playing in the school band and didn’t have his first private lesson until the age of 16. He went on to earn his degree in Music Performance from the University of Michigan and is currently teaching at Hillsdale College.


Career Highlights

One of David’s many career highlights is running the Hillsdale Summer String Festival. This is a two week day camp for beginner string players. This event happens at Davis Middle School in Hillsdale and students come from all round to attend.

David hated chamber music while in high school and college however this all changed with one performance. He was able to see the Juilliard String Quartet play at MSU. He was 15 seats away from one of the best quartets in the world. When they played Beethoven Opus 31 he was floored and fell in love with chamber music.


About your instrument

David’s cello was made in Germany in the late 19th century. There is no way to know the specific maker as most of the makers had apprenciants that moved from maker to maker. He father is a full blooded Native American.


Personal tidbits

David is currently living in Hillsdale on the lake. He is looking forward to working on his house and enjoying the outdoors this summer by spending his time canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.


Upcoming Performances

In 2020 all six Bach’s suites will be performed at Hillsdale College.